Julian Lennon, fiul lui John Lennon, face fotografii

Ascultăm muzică veche de la Beatles și John Lennon, dar oamenii sau urmașii lor continuă să activeze. Pe Paul McCartney (www.paulmccartney.com) l-am găsit în zonele de promovarea a alimentației vegetariene, fiind un amabasador al organizatiei PETA (www.peta.org).

Julian Lennon este filul lui John Lennon și a lansat o expoziție numită Timeless, într-un site de fotografie (www.tableaufineartphoto.com) folosind o aplicație liveBooks (www.livebooks.com). Mai multe în textul de mai jos.

În afară de această expoziție, am găsit și o fundație White Feather (www.whitefeatherfoundation.com), care continuă spiritul lui John Lennon, prin implicații umanitare.

Musician, artist and son of John Lennon, Julian Lennon opened his inaugural photography exhibit at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing arts during Art Basel Miami Beach last month. The exhibit, called “Timeless” features over 30 pieces of hand-signed portrait and landscape photography, some of which will be exclusively on sale during the five-day exhibition. The exhibit also includes recent photos of the band U2 taken by Lennon. A portion of the proceeds will go to The White Feather Foundation, launched by Lennon in 2008 to embrace environmental and humanitarian issues in conjunction with partners from around the world, working to raise funds for the betterment of all life, and to honor those who have truly made a difference.liveBooks, the leading provider of award-winning websites for creative professionals, was selected to create a website to showcase Lennon’s work online.  “We needed a dedicated website for the ‘Timeless’ Collection by Julian Lennon.  I immediately went to liveBooks with this extremely important and sensitive project. They were able to quickly create a sophisticated, sexy and relevant site that showcased the art and delivered our message seamlessly in a very efficient manner,” says Tod Tarrant, President of the Tableau Fine Art Group who produced the show.

The great fashion photographer Timothy White, Lennon’s mentor and curator for this body of work, was an early enthusiast of Lennon’s photographs and encouraged him to develop a full repertoire for a show. Commenting on their relationship as curator-artist, Julian stated that he always enjoyed taking pictures, “but it was only after a meeting with photographer Timothy White, last year, that made me take my work seriously. He was the one that suggested I do an exhibition, which I thought was a crazy idea at first, but after working through all of the images I had, I began to see that that could be a possibility, with the right guidance.”

Julian is truly passionate about photography. He carries his camera on him “99.9%” of the time. He is particularly drawn to clouds and his schedule naturally puts him close to his favorite view at 35,000 feet very frequently. “I rarely sleep on planes & have seen most movies available, & have always enjoyed dawn, dusk & clouds… So whenever I see something that looks beautiful, naturally, I’m drawn to taking a few pictures. I could honestly do a whole collection on Clouds. There’s a peace & a calmness. Up there, time stands still for a minute or two. It’s a chance to breath, to think for a moment, but also a time to dream & let go…”

For information about liveBooks, visit www.liveBooks.com. To view Julian Lennon’s “Timeless” exhibit visit his liveBooks website at www.tableaufineartphoto.com.

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