Film: Electrosmogul si Mediul inconjurator

Afla totul despre electrosmog, ce este acesta, cum ne afecteaza sanatatea, ce simptome aduce in viata noastra si de asemenea efectele electrosmogului asupra corpului nostru.

Spectrul de radiatii electromagnetice, si efectele radiatiilor electromagnetice asupra corpului uman

(, 15/09/2010)

Masuratori si opinii ale unui doctor din SUA

Local Doctor and his views about EMF
Încărcat de micro-ondes. – Explore more science and tech videos.

Medicinal doctor (Dr. Dan Harper M.D. (USA)) and his views on dangers from electromagnetic field radiation- A real world practitioner who knows what he is talking about, not someone who’d like to sell you something!

Dr. Dan Harper from California discusses the dangers of EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation in his office on Mon., Aug. 2, 2010. EMF radiation is generated by cell phones, cordless phones, cell towers, computer monitors, routers, televisions, fluorescent lightning and many other appliances.

Electrosensibilitatate, electrosmog si filme
information related to the subject of electromagnetic fields (EMF) that originate from our use of electricity and wireless communication technologies. The subjects we are mainly concerned with are the harmful health effects that EMFs have on human health, wildlife, and nature.
Here, Dr. Havas presents her research and the research from other scientists, activists, and individuals in the media who all share the goal of informing the public about the hazzards of modern electrical technology and how to use these devices safely.

Diabetul si electrosensibilitatea

WiFi in schools and health effects of microwave radiation

The TriField Meter

Meters for Magnetism

Telefoanele mobile cresc riscul de cancer, de la 20% la 200%

Va invit sa vizonati un reportaj despre utilizarea telefoanelor mobile si cancerul la creier, care se poate declansa de la ele.

Parlamentul European a facut o nota despre

O petitie internenationala este activa in acest moment, este propusa de agentia BioIntitiative si aceasta incearca sa stabileasca niste limite maximale ale radiatiilor:

Film despre rapoartele oficiale franceza (sponsorizate de exemplu de Orange) si situatia actuala a pietei, dominata de INTERPHONE.

Documente de la Health Protection Agency:

Sursa informatiilor si a legaturilor:

Gunter Pauli on biomimetism

Writer and entrepreneur Gunter Pauli explains how biomimetism can help us solve some of our planets most important problems. Nature has millions of years of wisdom to offer, can we finally listen?
Working at ZERI, the “Zero Emissions Research Initiative”

Gunter Pauli on Biomimetism (Lift France 09, EN) from Lift Conference on Vimeo.

Gunter Pauli’s talk in comic format
We had several Lifters sending us visual notesand now Julien Cordier took this craft to a whole new level, sending a short comic strip capturing the essence of Gunter Pauli’s legendary talk (video). Enjoy, we really love when cartoonists send us their work like that!
Gunter Paulis comic format