Reducerea consumului: electricitate, resturi si resurse internationale

Titlul pompos, vast, lung… sa acopere urmatoarele subiecte:

Proiectul Cave Man de la HotNews are un alt protagonist acum: Serban-Miron Copot
Scriu aici de el, pentru ca este un proiect mediatizat, prin care lumea se poate schimba.

Linkuri extrase din site-ul “Think Outside the Box”:

Monitor pentru consumul de electricitate – Kill A Watt
Interesant mecanism de a masura orice consum de prin casa sau birou. In America, se poate imprumuta un astfel de dispozitiv de la biblioteca, pe baza legitimatiei… iti masori pe acasa ce poti si il aduci cuminte acasa. Am extras dintr-un articol niste masuratori:

  • Microwave (while dormant, simply displaying time): 2 watts — It costs us roughly $2/year to leave the microwave plugged in all the time.
  • Microwave (while heating a bowl of homemade bean soup for dinner): 2020 watts
  • Nintendo Wii (while playing Trauma Center: Second Opinion): 16 watts — Far less power than I would have guessed.
  • Strand of Christmas lights: 39 watts — More than I would have guessed. It will cost us roughly $3 to have this strand of lights plugged in during the Christmas season.
  • MacBook Pro (recharging with battery at 66%): 58 watts
  • Oil-filled radiator-style space heater: 520 watts on low, 820 watts on medium, and an unknown amount on high. I tripped the circuit breaker when I tried.
  • Dual-control electric blanket (one side set to three, the other turned off): 80 watts, declining by a watt every few seconds (presumably because it requires less power as it gets warmer — I don’t know). I stopped watching after it had dropped to 58 watts.
  • Desk Lamp: 5 watts
  • Nighlight: 1 watt — Assuming the nightlight is on 12 hours/day, it costs about 50 cents to run for an entire year.

Am gasit si pe la noi astfel de produse: EL-EPM02HQ, EL-EPM02HQ

Adi Zamfira masurase prin 2008 cam cat consuma echipamentele din firma, in modul stand-by (sa zicem peste noapte) si cele in mod de folosire normala. Rezultatele sunt aici.

10 calculatoare pornite dintre care 2 servere, 4 ups-uri , 5 monitoare permanent in standby = 720+200+88+20= 1028 w = 740 kw pe luna adica 222 ron fara tva dati degeaba

Va urez, cat mai mute lucruri scoase din priza!

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