Site-uri de fotografi cu prezentari Flash

Terry Heffernan
Check out Terry’s cool and subtle home page videos. A random video is chosen each time the home page is visited.

La Vie Imagery
Here’s a pretty nice splash page animation. The clients are stoked!

Kate Bentley – Happily Ever After
Dayle showed us all this site already. Lots of custom stuff going on here. The home page includes a dynamic slideshow and key images and links for the first 5 portfolios. Great design by Ryan!

IA Agency
This agency site has really come together. Included: a custom splash page animation and a crazy custom interactive home page.

Camille Tokerud
Here’s an interesting custom interactive home page. The dynamic images link to their respective portfolios.

Kurt Gardner – Adirondack Mountain Productions
I don’t get to work on many gallery-functioning sites, but here’s a pretty good one. All sorts of landing pages here.

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